Our Story

While leading a fast-paced market expansion for a global tech company, our founder ran into a dilemma: a relatively simple market research project would help optimize his team’s BD efforts, but no one had bandwidth to take it on.

No problem – he could hire an intern, right? It was a great opportunity for a student to learn about his market, his team needed the support, and his organization could evaluate new talent… a win-win-win! But he quickly ran into problems: interns could only be hired at certain times of the year, hiring interns took months, and internships required a 2+ month commitment… none of which worked for a time-sensitive, 2-3 week project. So, what happened? Without the necessary resources, the project was never done.

This experience, and many like it, became the inspiration for Gradskills.

Reimagining Internships

Professional workforces are rapidly becoming more agile, adaptive & scalable, powered by remote work technology and global talent platforms. Gradskills was founded on the principle of bringing 21st century workforce innovations to internships – making it faster, easier & less costly for businesses & students to connect. We reimagined work experience as project-based rather than term-based, and remote rather than on-site. The result: an agile, scalable & adaptive platform where business can find & hire the interns they need, when & where they need them.

More Experience, More Talent

By making it faster, easier & less costly to hire interns, we aim to expand access to quality internships for everyone. Companies can access support and connect with university talent anywhere & anytime, with none of the hassle, effort or expense of traditional internships. Students can access quality work experience when & where they have capacity throughout the year, without costly housing & travel expenses.