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GradSkills is a marketplace that connects clients with freelancers providing intern-related services. Unless otherwise agreed with a client in writing, the terms and conditions detailed in our Template Service Contract apply to each contract (you can read more about how contracts work here). Under these terms, both parties agree that the freelancer is an independent contractor providing services and is not an employee of the client.

It is the responsibility of clients and freelancers to determine whether these terms are appropriate for a given contract. University students and graduates are responsible for determining if and when they are required to register with the relevant tax authority (e.g., as self-employed) and for paying any taxes or national insurance contributions owed – for example, if certain earnings thresholds are exceeded.

We do not act as an employment agency or employment business, and we do not make any representations or warranties regarding freelancers’ legal employment status with regard to any contract.

If you need to register as self-employed in the U.K., this can generally be done easily online. Below we provide some resources relating to working as a student and registering as self-employed in the U.K.:

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