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After applying for a job, the next steps are to communicate with the client, add milestones and start a contract. This article describes how these steps work.

Access Proposals

When you apply to a job, you create a ‘Proposal’. Access your proposals by going to JOBS > PROPOSALS. Open a proposal by clicking ‘View’.

Communicate with the client

In most cases, the job owner will want to discuss the project with you. Messages from the client can be found in the ‘Messages’ section of the proposal.

Add Milestones

Once you and the client have discussed the project and agreed on the work to be performed, the client will add milestones. Milestones detail the tasks to be performed, their timing and their cost. You’ll received an email notification when milestones have been created.

Review Milestones

To review milestone details, click on the milestone name. Individual milestones will show: name, contract type, cost & deadline (optional). Repeating milestones will also show: hourly rate, hours per cycle & cycle duration.

Approve Milestones

You must approve each milestone before work can start. To approve a milestone, click ‘Approve’. After you approve, a notification will be sent to the client, and the milestone status will change to ‘Approved’

Start a Contract

Once you and the client have agreed on milestones, the client will start a contract. You will receive an email notification when the contract is started.

Once the contract is live, the client is able to start each milestone individually. When a client starts a milestone, you will receive a separate email informing you that you can start working on the milestone. Make sure to only start work on a milestone after it has been started by the client. Review how to manage individual milestones here, and how to manage repeating milestones here.

Milestones can be added to live contracts (i.e., after starting a contract), and technically a client can start a contract prior to adding any milestones. In any case, the end result is the same: each milestone requires your approval before it can be started by the client and before you can start working on it.

Access your live contract

Once a contract is started, you can find it in JOBS > CURRENT JOBS. Click on ‘View’ to open the job and manage your milestones.

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