Setting Up Your Profile

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Your profile lets GradSkills talent know who you are. Use your profile to share information about your team and promote your employer brand to graduate talent.

Navigate to your profile

Click on ‘PROFILE’ in the top menu to access your profile.

Verify your email

If you haven’t done so, verify your email using the link sent to your registered email address. If you need us to resend the verification link, click the ‘Resend’ button at the top of your profile page.

Update profile information

Upload a profile photo (or logo) by clicking on the profile icon.

Add links to your company website and social media accounts.

Add an introduction

Use the ‘Introduction’ section to share a bit about you and/or your team, including any information you feel is relevant for talent applying to work on your projects. You can also use this section to promote your company as a graduate employer.

Tip: expand the text input field by dragging the bottom-right corner of the input box.


That’s it! Now your profile is complete.

Come back anytime to update your profile or to see reviews you’ve received from talent you’ve worked with.

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