Repeating milestones

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Repeating milestones are based on weekly or monthly cycles and are defined by the number of hours per cycle, an hourly rate and an optional milestone deadline (i.e., planned end date).

This article describes how repeating milestones work once a contract has been started.

Navigate to your milestone

Go to JOBS > CURRENT JOBS to see your active contracts. Click ‘View’ on the job you want to work on.

Click on the milestone name to expand the milestone details.

Wait for client to start milestone

Once the client starts the milestone, the milestone status will change to ‘Started’ and you can begin working. We will send you an email notification when this happens.

Start working

Once the milestone is started, the first cycle will be created and you can begin working and logging hours. To view cycle details, click ‘Show/Hide Previous Cycles’.

Cycle Deadlines

You must submit your final hours for each cycle before the cycle deadline in order for those hours to be charged to the client. Weekly cycles end each Sunday at midnight, and monthly cycles end the last Sunday of each month at midnight.

Submit your hours

Click ‘Submit Hours’.

Enter the number of hours you worked in the current cycle, and add an optional note (e.g., describing the work you performed). Then click ‘Submit’.

The maximum number of hours you can submit is determined by the milestone’s ‘Hours per cycle’ (see Cycle Details)

The information you submit will appear in the cycle details (‘Total Cost’ will appear once the cycle has ended). Click ‘Edit Hours’ if you need to add or edit your hours.

Start work on the next cycle

Once the current cycle ends, a new cycle will start automatically. Follow the steps above for each subsequent cycle.

Cycle payment

Clients are charged automatically for each cycle 5 days following the cycle deadline, and funds are paid into your bank account. Clients have until this time to dispute bill.

How to pause / resume cycles

You and/or the client may need to temporarily pause a repeating milestone — for example, if you and the client had previously agreed that you would not be available for one or more cycles. In this case, you can pause the milestone to prevent the next cycle from starting automatically (the current cycle will remain active until the current cycle deadline).

To pause a repeating milestone, click ‘Pause’ and then confirm.

To resume the milestone, click ‘Resume’ and then confirm.

How to end the milestone

Repeating milestones do not end automatically. Either you or the client can end a repeating milestone at any time. Once the milestone is ended, no new cycles will start. The current cycle will remain active, and you can continue to submit / edit hours until the current cycle deadline.

To end the milestone, click ‘End’ and confirm.

The status will change to ‘Ended’. The option to submit or edit hours will remain available until the end of the current cycle.

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