Post a New Job

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This article covers how to post a new job. You can post a new job at any time, and you can have multiple active jobs open at the same time.

Navigate to jobs

From the top menu, go to Jobs > All Jobs.

Select a job category

Click the ‘Post A New Job’ menu, and select a category for your new job.

Enter Details & Post Job

Enter your job details and post your job.

You can also set preferred criteria for applicants (optional) and choose privacy options (optional).

You don’t need to provide all job details at this stage, as you’ll define specific tasks, timing & costs when you create ‘milestones’ (during hiring).

A. Job Details

  • Job Title – choose a descriptive title for your job.
  • Job Description – provide an general overview of your project needs, the type of support you are looking for, and any other relevant information that could help applicants understand if they are a good fit. Remember: you’ll define specific tasks, timing & costs later via ‘milestones’.
  • Budget – select a budget range for your project.
  • Contract Type – provide an indication of whether you prefer to ‘Pay by Task’ (fixed price) or ‘Pay by Week/Month’ (hourly rate). You can always change this, or even combine both contract types, when you hire your freelancer.
  • Job Location (optional) – select where the project owner is based.
  • Deadline (optional) – choose a deadline or end-date.
  • Sub-Categories (optional) – select one or more sub-categories to target specific skill sets.

B. Job Preferences (optional)

  • Select one or more optional Preferences in each field to specify the candidates you are seeking for your project. Candidates will see how well they match against your preferences when they view your project, and you will see how well candidates match against your preferences when you search for talent and/or view applications.

C. Job Privacy (optional)

  • Post Anonymously – any candidate can find and apply to your job, but your name and company name will be hidden.
This option is useful if your project contains sensitive information.
  • Post Privately – your job will not be visible to candidates unless you invite them to apply directly.
This option is useful if you are only interested in working with hand-picked candidates.

Optional: invite candidates directly

Once you post your job, you can browse candidates and invite them to apply to your job.

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