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When a candidate applies to your job, they create a ‘Proposal’.

From a proposal, you can review the applicant’s cover note and message the applicant directly (e.g., to ask questions or arrange a meeting).

When you want to hire an applicant, just add ‘Milestones’ and start a contract directly from the proposal.

This article describes how to view and manage your proposals. The next article describes how to add milestones and hire an applicant.

Navigate to proposals

Go to Jobs > Proposals, and select the relevant job from the down-down menu.

From this page you can add proposals to a ‘Shortlist’, add applicants to your ‘Favorites’, message applicants directly, and view applicants’ proposals.

Each of these options is described in more detail below.

Add proposals to ‘Shortlist’

Shortlists are an easy way to organize & prioritize proposals for a job.

Add proposals to the shortlist for a specific job by clicking the ‘thumbs up’ button in an applicant’s profile snapshot.

You can access your shortlist for a job by navigating to Jobs > Shortlist and selecting the relevant job from the drop-down menu.

Each job has a separate shortlist, and you can add the same candidate to shortlists for multiple jobs.

Add applicants to ‘Favorites’

Save top applicants to your ‘Favorites’ and easily find & message them later. ‘Favorites’ is a great way to catalogue and stay in touch with top candidates for future projects and/or recruitment.

To add an applicant to your ‘Favorites’, click the ‘heart’ button in an applicant’s profile snapshot.

You can access your ‘Favorites’ by navigating to Jobs > Favorites.

Message applicants

Message applicants to ask screening questions, coordinate calls or discuss project details.

Just click ‘Message’ in an applicant’s profile snapshot, then write your message in the chat window that pops up.

You can access the chat window here anytime, or in the proposal itself (see below). You can also access messages exchanged with all candidates in your GradSkills ‘Inbox’.

All messages exchanged over GradSkills are also sent to the recipient’s email address, and recipients can reply directly via their email.

View Proposals

To view an applicant’s proposal, click on ‘View Proposal’ in the applicant’s profile snapshot.

This will take you to the proposal page, where you can review the applicant’s cover note and message the applicant.

From here you can also add milestones to the proposal and start a contract (see guide here).

You can also add the proposal to your ‘Shortlist’ or add the applicant to ‘Favorites’ directly from this page.

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