Invite Candidates

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This article describes how to find and invite candidates to your job.

Navigate to ‘Search Talent’


Select a Job

Select a job to which you want to invite candidates to apply

Once you’ve selected a job, the ‘Invite’ option will appear on the right for each candidate.

If the job you selected includes optional candidate preferences (e.g., location, degree type, field of study), a ‘Match’ will also appear for each candidate.

Click on ‘Match Breakdown’ to see additional detail about each match.

Browse Profiles

Use menus at the top of the page to filter and sort candidates.

To learn more about any candidate, click ‘View Profile’.

Invite Candidates to Apply

To invite a candidate to apply to your job, click ‘Invite’.

When you click ‘Invite’, the candidate will receive a notification with a link to apply to your job. You’ll be notified when each candidate applies to your job.

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