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Individual milestones are one-off tasks defined by deliverable (i.e., the work to be done), value and deadline. This article explains how individual milestones work from an intern’s perspective once a contract has been started. For a quick introduction to milestones, see our milestones explained help article.

Navigate to your milestone

Go to JOBS > CURRENT JOBS to see your active contracts. Click ‘View’ on the job you want to work on.

Click on the milestone name to expand the milestone details.

Wait for client to add funds

The milestone status will be ‘Funding due’ until the client adds funds. Wait for the client to deposit funds for the milestone before starting work (we’ll send you an email notification when this happens).

Work on the milestone

Once the client has deposited funds for the milestone, the status will change to ‘Milestone in progress’, and you can start work on the milestone.

Mark the milestone complete

When you’ve completed work on the milestone, mark it complete. This will send a notification to the client.

The milestone status will remain active until the client approves.

Client approval & payment

Once the client approves the work, the milestone status will change to ‘Completed’ and payment will be released to your bank account.

At this point, the milestone is complete and there are no next steps.

You can proceed to the next milestone, or either you or the client can close the contract if there are no additional milestones to complete.

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