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GradSkills is a marketplace where students & grads can find university-level freelance jobs to fit their skills, schedule and career goals.

Here’s an overview of the key steps involved in a typical GradSkills job:


Applying to jobs on GradSkills is easy – just click Apply on a job, add a brief cover note and click Send. This creates a ‘Proposal’ page where you and the client can communicate directly and set up a new contract.

Get Hired

Getting hired is simple. Discuss the job with the client via GradSkills messaging and/or video chat, agree on the specific tasks to be performed via milestones*, and start a new contract… all directly on GradSkills.

* Before hiring you and starting work, the client must add milestones to the job and you must approve them. Milestones define specific tasks to be completed, their timing and their cost. Milestones can be one-time tasks for a fixed price, or weekly/monthly tasks for an hourly rate.

Manage Tasks

You can begin working on each milestone as soon as the client starts it. For individual milestones, deliver the work as agreed and mark the milestone complete on GradSkills. For repeating milestones, complete the agreed tasks each week or month, and submit your hours through GradSkills.

Throughout each job, you and the client can collaborate directly via GradSkills messages and/or live video chat. You can receive and respond to GradSkills messages and join video chats directly from your email, so you won’t miss important communications when you’re not logged in.

Get Paid

Before applying for jobs, you’ll need to set up a free Stripe account through GradSkills (see how this works here). Your Stripe account lets clients pay you quickly and securely through GradSkills once you’ve completed work on each milestone.

You’ll get paid for individual milestones once work is complete and approved by the client. You’ll get paid for repeating milestones 5 days after the end of each weekly or monthly cycle.


When the job is complete, you and the client will have an opportunity to leave reviews for each other. Reviews promote trust and can help you find your next job on GradSkills. Positive reviews can also boost your professional profile outside of GradSkills.

Additional Resources

For additional resources and to learn more about how GradSkills works, check out our Talent Help Center.

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