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Navigate to ‘Search Jobs’

To start searching, go to JOBS > SEARCH JOBS

View Jobs

See details for each job. Click ‘Read More’ to expand a job description.

* ‘Budget’ is an indication of what the client is willing to pay for the job, stated as a range. Prior to starting a contract, the client will add milestones to the job with precise rates they will pay, which you must then approve.

* ‘Contract Type’ tells you whether the client is seeking support for one-off tasks (“pay by task), or whether they are looking for recurring hourly support (“pay by week/month).

Use search filters

Filter open jobs by category, sub-category or location. You can also type into the ‘Search’ field to filter jobs using specific words or phrases.

View profiles

Click ‘Profile’ to view the client’s profile.

Check match breakdowns

When a client posts a job, they have the option to select candidate preferences across 5 criteria: Degree Type, Degree Focus, Graduation Date, Location & Skills. How well your profile matches the selected preferences determines the match percentage you will see for each job. If the client did not select any preferences, no match will be displayed. You’re free to apply for any job, regardless of the match percentage displayed.

To see the details of the match calculation, click ‘Match Breakdown’.

In the match breakdown, you will see a green check icon next to preferences that match your profile. Note that for all match criteria except ‘Skills’, your profile will match the criteria if it matches any one of the preferences shown in the match breakdown. For the ‘Skills’ criteria, the more preferences that match your profile, the higher the match percentage will be.

Next Steps

Once you’ve found a job that meets your requirements, it’s time to apply. Learn about how to apply for jobs here.

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