Managing Jobs: Overview

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This article provides an overview of the key steps to working with university freelancers on Gradskills.

Follow links at the end of each section for more detailed information & support.

Create a contract

Once you find an applicant you want to hire for a job, you then add milestones to their proposal and accept the contract.

This creates a ‘live’ contract and gives you the ability to initiate work on one or more milestones.

Manage milestones

Milestones represent the work to be performed for each job. For a brief overview of what milestone are and how they work, see Milestone Basics.

1. Start a milestone

2. Manage workflow

3. Approve & Pay

4. Close a milestone

For a detailed steps to managing individual milestones, see here.

For a detailed steps to managing repeating milestones, see here.

Close a contract


Rate and review (optional)


Additional follow-up (optional)


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