Ending a Job

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Once your project is over, it’s time to close your contract and leave a review for your university freelancer.

After closing a contract, it’s no longer possible to add new milestones, but you are always free to re-hire the same university freelancer for a new project in the future.

Close a contract

You can close a contract at any time, so long as no milestones are active.

You can close a contract with milestones that haven’t been started. If any of your milestones have been started and are still active, you will need to end them before closing the contract.

To close a contract, click ‘End Contract’.

Click ‘End’ to confirm.

That’s it – your contract is closed. Next, it’s time to leave a review for your university freelancer.

NOTE: If you see the following message, it means you are attempting to close a contract with active milestones.

End any open milestone(s) before trying to close the contract again.

Note that, in the case of repeating milestones, once you choose to end the milestone you will need to wait until the end of the active weekly or monthly cycle before closing the contract. This to ensure freelancers have a chance to submit any agreed work hours already performed for the current cycle. For more information on how to manage repeating milestones, see here.

Rate & Review

Honest and fair reviews promote a trusted environment for companies and students. They help companies find the right university freelancers for their projects, and they help students & grads translate project success into career opportunities.

Once you close your contract, you’ll be prompted to leave a rating & review.

Choose the number of stars – from 1 to 5 (best) – for the rating you’d like to leave.

Then add a review title and content.

To expand the visible area of your review content, simply drag the bottom-right corner of the text field.
To skip the rating & review step, click anywhere outside the review window to close it.

When you’re satisfied with your rating and review, click ‘Submit’.

That’s it! Your review will go to your university freelancer and will help them find new projects on GradSkills and/or launch their careers once they graduate.

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