Close a Contract

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Either party can close a contract at any time, provided there are no active milestones in progress. Once a contract is closed, you and the client will each have the opportunity to rate and review your experience working with each other. Here we explain how to close a contract and leave a review for the client.

End Contract

Once you’re ready to end the contract, click ‘End Contract’. The client can also end a contract, in which case you will receive a email notification that the contract has been ended.

Neither you nor the client can end a contract while a milestone is currently in progress. If you want to end a contract, first make sure no milestones are open and no repeating milestone cycles are currently active.

After you or the client end the contract, the status will change to ‘Contract End’.

Receive a review

After the contract ends, the client will first have the opportunity to leave you a review. You’ll get an email notification when the client leaves a review, and you can find the review at the bottom of your profile.

Leave a review

Once the client has left a review, you will have the opportunity to leave a review for the client. Go to the contract, and click the ‘Review’ button.

Then leave a 1-5 star rating, and write a brief review to help the client find and hire more top talent

Please review the guidelines regarding reviews on GradSkills in the ‘Reviews’ section of our Terms of Use.

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