Apply to Jobs

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Once you’ve searched for jobs and found the one meets your criteria, it’s time to apply. Applying to jobs on GradSkills is fast and easy – just follow these simple steps.

Click Apply

Go to the job you’re interested in and click ‘Apply’.

Create a Proposal

Next, click ‘Create Proposal’

Add a Cover Note

Add a brief cover note describing why you are a good fit for the job. When you’re finished, click ‘Send Proposal’.

TIP: in addition to your cover note, your GradSkills profile will help you stand out and make a great impression. Use your cover note to highlight elements of your profile that are relevant for the job (experience, portfolio, etc.).

Next Steps

When a job owner wishes to hire you for their job, they must create milestones detailing tasks to performed (including timing & cost) and start a contract. In many cases, job owners will want to meet with you first to discuss their project. You will receive an automatic email notification from GradSkills when a job owner sends you a message and/or when they add milestones to the proposal for you to approve.

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