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This article covers how to set up and manage your payment information. You must have at least one valid payment method to hire university freelancers.

Navigate to payment

Go to ‘SETTINGS’ via the top menu.

Add a payment method

Scroll down and click ‘Add Payment Method’.

Enter a valid credit or debit card, and click ‘Add’.

It can take a few minutes for your payment method to be accepted, after which it will appear under ‘Payment Methods’. That’s it! Once your payment method is accepted, you are free to hire university talent.

If you don’t see your payment method after a few minutes, refresh your browser page.

Add alternative payment methods

To add an alternative payment method, click the “+” button and add your new payment information.

After a few minutes, you new payment method will appear in Payment Methods.

Refresh your browser page after a few minutes to see your new payment method.

Change default payment method

To change your default payment method, choose the payment method you would like to use and click ‘Set default Payment Method’.

Remove a payment method

To remove a payment method, first set another payment method as your default payment method using the above step, then click the red “X” button in the payment method you wish to remove. Then click ‘Yes’ to confirm.

It is only possible to remove a payment method that is not designated as your default method.
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