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An overview of how work happens on GradSkills



Finding Jobs on GradSkills is Fast, Easy & Free



Choose which jobs you like and apply with a click.

Find freelance jobs that fit your interests, skills & schedule and apply directly, or get invited by companies seeking your talents. Apply in minutes using your GradSkills profile – it’s fast, simple & easy.

  • Tips for landing the jobs you want

    Tips for landing the jobs you want
    You've found the perfect project and want to make sure your application stands out... Here are the two most important things you can do to get noticed & land your project:
    • Create a winning Gradskills profile

      Your Gradskills profile offers several ways to showcase your abilities & stand out, whether or not you have lots of professional experience. Use your profile to put your best foot forward, and get noticed by the companies you want to work with most.

    • Add a compelling cover note

      Cover notes are optional, but can help set you apart. Adding a short, effective cover note to an application lets you connect with clients and gives an opportunity to highlight the motivations, skills & attributes that make you a great fit for the project.



Meet clients via call, video or chat and get hired.

Connect with project owners remotely to discuss details and see if there's a good fit. Agree on deliverables, timing & cost for the job, then get hired as a freelancer with a click and start working.

  • Tips for a successful project interview

    Tips for a successful project interview
    Project interviews are a great way to introduce yourself and discuss project details, without the travel & added stress of traditional job interviews. Here are some tips:
    • Master the environment

      Remote work relies on virtual communication. Taking Simple steps like making sure your tech is working & calling from a quiet location can go a long way to building trust with project owners.

    • Bring your own plan

      One of the best ways to stand out in a project interview is to bring your own ideas about how to execute the project. You'll showcase your knowledge & bring value to project owners.



Work on your project & meet with clients remotely.

Work from anywhere without spending money on costly housing & travel. Manage tasks & deliverables independently around your schedule, and collaborate with clients remotely.

  • Tips for a great remote work experience

    Tips for a great remote work experience
    Communication is key, especially in remote work. Here are our top tips for effective communication to ensure you have a great remote work experience:
    • Set expectations

      Agree with project owners up front when & where (on what channels) you will be available and when key deliverables should be expected.

    • Be Proactive

      Use Gradskills messaging (or other channels) to stay in regular contact with project teams, and share key information & updates proactively.

    • Ask Questions

      When in doubt, ask questions; it shows you're engaged, avoids miscommunication, and helps ensure successful outcomes.


Get Paid

Deliver work on time and get paid right away

Get paid for your work and keep the money you earn. Collect positive reviews from happy clients and build a portfolio to help you find more projects and/or land your dream job after university.

  • Tips for getting the most from projects

    Tips for getting the most from projects
    You've completed the project work as agreed, now what? In addition to getting paid, here are a couple things you can do to get the most from your project experience:
    • Leave a great impression

      If first impressions are most important, last impressions are close behind. Asking for feedback and making final edits to your work is a great way to leave a happy client & earn a great reference to help you in the future.

    • Build a network

      Every project grows your professional network. Let clients know you're open to more projects and/or full-time graduate roles on their team, and offer to keep in touch after the project via their preferred channels.

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