About Us

Helping teams & talent connect.

Why GradSkills

We created GradSkills to let companies & students to work together when, where & how they want.

Students need professional experience to discover their passions, build their skills and launch their careers. Companies need students for project support, fresh perspectives and new talent.

Traditional internship opportunities are limited by timing, location & expense – there simply are not enough. We’re providing a new, flexible way for companies and students to connect that eliminates costs, expands opportunities & improves outcomes for both sides.

Reimagining Work Experience

Workforces are becoming more flexible and diverse, largely powered by remote work technology and global talent platforms. At GradSkills, we saw the need to bring these 21st century workforce innovations to student work experience.

We reimagined student hiring as flexible, freelance & project-based, letting companies tailor support and talent to specific needs, and enabling students to match work experience to specific interests and availability.

We further reimagined work experience as remote. Now companies can access talent wherever they find it, and students can work on projects from anywhere, all with greater flexibility and lower expense.

The GradSkills Platform

Our platform lets companies find and hire university talent for remote project support quickly and easily.

Posting a job on GradSkills takes minutes, and we’ve made finding and hiring the perfect university freelancer simple and straightforward.

Joining GradSkills is free for companies and talent and comes with the latest advancements in remote-hiring to ensure a safe and trusted environment for all users.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create more opportunities for companies and university students to work together by making it faster, easier & less costly for both sides to connect.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading university freelance platform connecting university talent & companies around the world.

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